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How Mold Prevention Works

See how Mold Guard 1020 provides protection to buildings

Mold is one key issue that all contractors face when performing either new construction or reconstruction. Mold is most prevalent in moist, dark locations, but it can grow almost everywhere. There several different mold prevention techniques on the market, but ShieldAll’s non-toxic 1020—Mold Guard is the best solution. Why? Mold is a spore that thrives in moist, dark places, so the best way to prevent mold is to remove the moist, dark places. In other words, the best solution is prevention. But how does mold prevention work?


A mold prevention product such as ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard acts as a barrier between the material and the water. This mold prevention solution creates a barrier that slows the progression of water soaking into a material, which allows the material to stay dry longer and reduces the chances of mold being able to grow. If a building has had a mold infestation, the application of ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard will reduce the likelihood of re-infestation in the future once the mold-infected area has been cleaned and sanitized. And this solution offers low-maintenance protection for years.

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ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard is a solution that can be tinted to match many environments, so customers won’t even know it’s there, and the architectural aesthetic will remain unchanged. Being a paint-like solution means that ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard offers versatility in where it can be applied. Roll it, spray it, or brush it, and it’ll adhere to most common construction materials. This solution offers peace of mind to you and your customers without compromising your design. Also, being a water-based solution means that ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard offers easy cleanup with just soap and water.


A mold prevention solution should offer protection without causing more problems in the process. ShieldAll 1020—Mold Guard is created using EPA-registered materials that are nontoxic, making it safe for use in every situation. It’s also low odor and VOC-free, making the application simpler and more comfortable for the people applying it. Each ShieldAll product has its own SDS and TDS, so all the important information will be in your hands when you start to work.


Mold prevention works by making sure your project is protected from the beginning so you and your clients can rest easy. Cleaning up mold once it’s infested your project can be hard work, so prevention is the No. 1 step to keeping your project in tip-top shape for years to come. Mold prevention works best by protecting the material in your building. Let ShildAll1020—Mold Guard provide all the protection so you and your clients don’t have to give it a second thought.


ShieldAll 1020-MoldGuard is the best mold prevention solution for a strong foundation!