Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Mold isn’t automatically a significant health hazard—mold spores are actually present throughout the air we breathe. However, some people can be more susceptible to mold spores in large numbers. Symptoms of mold exposure can include wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and itchy red eyes.


Symptoms of mold exposure also can vary from person to person depending on an individual’s medical history. If an individual has a history of asthma or severe allergies, then mold exposure could affect them faster. These symptoms and signs can present themselves anytime from one day to a couple months after exposure. But why?

There are many different factors that affect an individual’s symptoms of mold exposure. One of the first factors is the room that has the mold infestation. While mold typically grows in dark, warm, moist locations, not all these locations are the same. Does the room with the mold infestation have ventilation? Is it a large or small room? How often is the room used? All these questions ultimately affect the symptoms of mold exposure that individuals can exhibit. If the room doesn’t have any ventilation, is small, and used frequently, then a more susceptible individual using that room could feel these symptoms quicker. If the room has some ventilation, is larger, and isn’t used very often, then someone using that room might go months without any symptoms.


The amount of mold in the room also plays a large role in the symptoms that are felt and experienced. It’s important to check for mold often in areas and rooms that are susceptible to ensure that any mold spots are treated and don’t grow larger.


Symptoms of mold exposure often mimic allergy or cold symptoms and can affect your asthma symptoms. If you inexplicably feel you’ve been sick more often, searching your environment may be a good step. Don’t let asthma symptoms go unchecked, especially if they seem worse than normal. Pay attention to your body, and if you’re having severe allergy symptoms, don’t just let them hang on. Where you live and work plays a big part in your everyday health; don’t let symptoms of mold exposure go unchecked.


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